15 August 2009

Sunday Morning....Why 505 loves America

There is so much incredibly wonderful live music.
Whether it's a corner bar with an acoustic guitar singer struggling under his/her slightly off-key vocal, or that hotel lounge singer backed up by the all black blues band who say to themselves "man what am I doing here".

When the American Experience finally passes into the night (like all civilizations do, and in our case THANKS TO SOCCER) the one element that will survive forever is the love, appreciation, and demonstration of music that will be the legacy passed on.

What a kaleidoscope of beauty we have enjoyed.
Especially in the last 100 years.
At least 25 different genres of music have emerged, all of them popular at least, all of them wonderful at best.

I just can't imagine myself living during 1400-1900 AD Earth when everyone was awaiting the next German or Austrian Wagnerian composer to emerge and kill the 1812 Overture that was embedded in my head.

God Bless The American Experience.
May it live longer than a thousand year reich.

Cuz we like music......Don't We?

And Please.....Don't forget to tip your waitresses and bartenders on the way out.


  1. I-505, don't forget that the Thousand Year Reich only lasted for 12 years.

  2. Music is Gooooood!... I would go.. on but its too eary for my rottle of bum.,m,m