12 August 2009


As long as the entire country is wrapped up in this attempt by the Obamarxists to socialize the Nation's Health System, what better time to wax about an issue that has been bothering me for a long time.

Can anyone explain to me why every town in America now has a "Women's Hospital"? Yet I am still scouring the countryside in search of a "Men's Hospital"?

Do ailments like prostate cancer and male pattern baldness not count in the grand scope of gender specific health issues?
(And ladies, if you think I am kidding about male pattern baldness being a health issue, how come you all find it so painful to pull our hair out of the shower drain?)

How come I've never been solicited to donate or to take part in a 5K Run (yeah right, RUN?..got anything that includes a La-Z-Boy?) For Erectile Dysfunction?

How come Major League Baseball never has blue bat day?

And how come there are signs that say "Quiet Zone" around Women's Hospitals?
Isn't that kinda like hanging a "Drug Free Zone" sign around the Kennedy Compound?

There is NO WAY I am going along with any Obamarxist plan to socialize our health system until some basic gender inequalities are addressed.

And speaking of sex....next up?.....505's missive entitled "There Will Never Be Equality of The Sexes in America Until there is Sexual Equality In America"
Coming soon.

Just my opinion...


  1. so 505 "obamarxists" i guess means something like obama equals marxism///kind of reminds me of 60s radical leader who said he couldnt tell difference between california and nazi germany///have been praying ever since that his next life includes a stint as a jew in nuremberg in 1930s///for you a second life as a kulak in 1930s russia//love

  2. LOL Women are just better organizers... as you said men would rather hang in the Lazy Boy!!!

  3. HEY any OBAMA Koo-laid drinkers have the HANG OVER yet??

  4. If women are better organizers, how come their purses all weigh 15 pounds and need to be replaced every 6 months when the old purse is cited by EPA and orange tagged for the WIPP plant in Carlsbad NM?

    And how come I have seen women pull baked potatoes out of their purses yet I still manage to get stuck in line behind the Walmart Amazons who can't negotiate through their personal Brazilian Jungle and locate the receipt for the mis-sized shoes they purchased 3 hours earlier?