13 August 2009


This is a sad day for the New York Islanders, (I am an Islander fan in case you couldn't tell by my handle), their fans and the faithful readers of the only newspaper that assigns a full time reporter to cover the Islanders.

Greg Logan will no longer be covering the Islanders for Newsday.
I have known Greg for a little over 2 years now.
My first venture into commenting/blogging about sports was on Greg's Newsday/Islander blog. Greg was never a prolific "blogger" for Newsday, he limited his entries to 2/3/4 times per week, while some of his brethren at Newsday write 3/4/5 times a day.
Frequent blogging was not Greg's style. He avoided a lot of the nonsense that litters the blog world (I plead guilty as charged) and was strictly a nuts and bolts, real stuff, old fashioned newspaper guy.

He never tried to entertain anyone, he always tried to inform everyone.

And as the Islander beat reporter, he was outstanding at his job.

I have met with Greg on a couple of occasions. What brought us together was a long rambling comment I made about New Mexico chiles on one of his blogs that he found amusing (sick person). Turns out that Greg is originally from NM, in fact was born and raised just 2 blocks from where I currently live in the 505. So we enjoyed a good chuckle about the irony of him now living in my breeding ground of LI and covering my favorite hockey team, while I now reside in his childhood home two time zones away in a hockey wasteland. (No more Scorps!!--again... for now...again)

I shall dearly miss Greg Logan as Newsday's beat reporter.

Concurrently, I wish nothing but success and good fortune for his replacement, the "spunky" (as monikered by Newsday's Neil Best) Katie Strang.
She has some big skates to fill.
I have met her on occasion as well, once during the Islander draft party in 2008, and once, incredibly, on a random D train at the 125th St Station while I was on my way to the final game at Yankeee Stadium.
She's got all the credentials, she has all of the potential, she has the ability to become an outstanding beat reporter.
I hope she has great success and makes the most of this opportunity.
And the word "opportunity" is understated here.....cuz with all of the shit going on with the Isles right now (Lighthouse, Kansas City, youth movement...I could fill the entire blog) Katie will be a very busy young lady (more on that when we get closer to hockey season and I take my Yankee cap off).

Good luck Greg Logan, no matter where the beat takes you. You are a great JOURNALIST and a better person.

Kick some ass Katie.... I PREDICT you will be awesome.
But it's all on you girlfriend.

Just my opinion...


  1. You know I echo this.

  2. Resonating up I-17 and across I-40.

  3. She is notorious for live blogging. I hope she continues with that, along with the rest of her work. I must say the comment section is a strange one at best. Not what it used to be.... Great site 505. I will be on it often.

  4. Netminder...don't expect any live blogging from Katie other than the live weekly chats.
    The duties of hosting the live game chats at Newsday generally fall upon the shoulders of the rookies, i.e., recent college grads just hired on at Newsday as interns and neophytes and such.
    The ranks of which, Katie just emerged from with this assignment.

    In any case....those live game chats may well be a distant memory considering the state of the disaster called the new and improved Newsday website, no?