18 August 2009


While the football and media world took their chances by flying Northwest Airlines into Minneapolis today to cover the latest chapter in the never going away Brett Favre saga, the big news in Brett's world is THE OTHER contract he signed today.
Glaxo Smith Kline announced this morning that Favre has been named the National Spokesperson for Valtrex.
"Just like that pesky little virus our drug is so effective in treating," said Valtrex North American Sales Manager Dick "Spot" Inouye, "Brett Favre just never goes away....indeed...we are pleased to have someone with Brett's staying power on board"
Terms of the contract were announced, with Favre signing a 5 year contract for 5 million dollars, with options for another 5 years, and another 5 years, and another 5 years, and another 5 years.
"We haven't had as powerful a spokesman as Brett Favre since our CLIO award winning campaign featuring Douglas McArthur and the 'I Shall Return' slogan", said GSK's Inouye. "We look forward to this long term relationship".
Favre refused to comment on the signing, citing personal reasons.
In other sports news today....
Tom Seaver was talking to the Mets' Omar Minaya and Fred Wilpon about a possible return.
Theo Epstein was talking to Alcor Life Extension Foundation about thawing out Ted Williams.
And Nolan Ryan was talking to himself about a return to the Texas Rangers.


  1. Does Nystrom, or Trots want to play again? I thought I had heard something like that. Messier is coming back to right? lol. Unbelievable this guy.

  2. of course the truth is that 505 is worried that farve has enough left considering an already talented vikings team to kick his giants (aka midgets)butts in the nfc championship game in january

  3. Favre looked really, really good last night. :( Almost as good as he did the last part of last season with the Jests. Sage Rosenfels is probably just as good a passer as Favre is right now, and even Tavaris Jackson can hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson effectively. $12 million wasted. GO BEARS! (just because)