10 August 2009

Stuff The Media Isn't Telling You About Last Night's Yankee/Blosox Game

Officials from Cooperstown contacted the Red Sox following the game to secure Victor Martinez's bat for enshrinement. The Red Sox declined the offer, until everyone in the organization has had a chance to touch it.

Martinez's home run ball is getting bids as high as 15K on E-Bay this morning.

Theo Epstein was seen after the game in a midtown Manhattan restaurant talking to two heart replacement surgeons from St. Vincent's Hospital. As a way of demonstrating his urgency, Epstein ordered chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, creamed onions and cheese fries. Other patrons chipped in by purchasing his dessert......Boston Creamed Pie.

Epstein is also rumored to be working on a post trade deadline deal that would consist of a 3 way swap with the Yanks and Tigers. A deal that would include Phil Coke going to the Tigers (the Red Sox next opponent) and the "C" on Jason Varitek's jersey going to the Tigers in exchange for the Little Caesar's "Pizza Pizza" guy. The Tiger's Mike Ilitch, owner of Little Caesar's, had this to say about the deal...."As the owner of Little Caesar's, I appreciate the pain and suffering of organizations going downhill, and I am too happy to help out the good folks in Boston. Indeed, I'm also throwing in a free 12 inch baked bean and clam pie for everyone in Boston if the Red Sox ever win another game ".
The Tigers are said to be sending the Yankees a dozen Kyle Farnsworth bobblehead dolls found in his vacant locker.

In Flight entertainment for the Red Sox trip home included Jim Rice's 2009 Hall of Fame acceptance speech and highlights of the Sox 2004 season, with excerpts featuring Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz deleted and replaced by MLB PSA's about steroid abuse.

In other news from last night.....
Erin Andrews was visibly missing (Yogi alert) from ESPN's sideline coverage. ESPN confirmed a rumor that she is busy working on a new hotel workout video for women on the go. Title of the Video, to be released within 30 days,...."Dippin' in the Ritz".

The good folks at Neilsen Ratings announced this morning what most of America already knew.
8 million viewers successfully hard boiled an egg during Joe Morgan's 6th inning self destruction comparing the different styles of 2nd basemen Robinson Cano and Dustin Pedroia. Next up on Joe's Quest for the Lifetime "I Can Turn Obvious Into Inane" Award?
"Jon Lester is Lefthanded and Joba Chamberlain is Right Handed, and besides that, they're different".

In a related news item Steve Phillips was placed on ESPN's 21 day disabled list with tin ear.

And finally......

The Boston Media has officially changed Jason Varitek's nickname from Captain Intangible to Captain Invisible.
How bad can things be for this Boston icon when Hideki "Sundial" Matsui is trying to steal 2nd on him? (Friday night).
THAT was the greatest insult the Yanks sent Boston's way this weekend.

And that's just my opinion......

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