21 August 2009


In Thursday's headlines, former NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress received a 2 year jail sentence for shooting himself in a New York bar last year.
During sentencing Judge Huang M. Hai noted that Mr. Burress would have received a lighter sentence had he followed Donte Stallworth's lead and killed the victim.
And in a touching post trial moment, members of the 2009 Wackenhut NFL All Arrested Team, including Donte Stallworth, Aqib Taylor, Kolo Kapanui, Vonta Leach, Travis Henry, Biren Ealy, Donte Whitner, Jamal Williams, Cornell Green, Matt Jones, Brandon Marshall, Darrell Reid, Michael Merritt, Leroy Hill, Jonathan Dekker, and Vincent Jackson were in the holding cell at the Courthouse to welcome their new teammate.

In related news, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the NFL is looking at stimulus offers from the Obama Administration that would include a Super Bowl to be held in San Quentin in 2018.
"We should be able to field a home team by then", said Goodell.

In Hockey News from Canada, Corey Fulton of the OHL's Brantford Blasts was still walking the streets a free man, despite being involved in an on ice fight that killed 21 year old Whitby Dunlop defenseman Don Sanderson in December.
The spokesman for the Ontario Attorney General's Office, Don Cherry, said he expects the statute of limitations to expire any day now.

Brett Favre attended his first Vikings practice in Eden Prairie on Thursday. He took 6 snaps during the team's 90 minute morning workout, completed two passes in 53 minutes, and then retired, not unexpectedly, from Professional Football.
Brett then had lunch (hot dish and lutefisk) at Joe Senser's Sport's Grill , signed his newly retired jersey, sold it on E-Bay, shot a 5 point buck in the parking lot, and returned, not unexpectedly, to the Vikings afternoon practice where he signed, not unexpectedly, a 2 hour/3 million dollar contract with options for two additional 1 hour appearances at 1.5 million each.

As part of our weekly updates on the "new and improved" Newsday website, Chicago Norm of Newsday's blogsite "The Final Score" published a list of all twitter addresses for Newsday's Sports reporters and columnists on his blog Thursday.
Which makes me wonder whether fellow Final Score bloghost Jim Baumbach, a longtime critic of the New York Islanders "shameless attempts to put fannies in the seats", will criticize his partner's "shameless attempt to put eyes on the website". There are no reports on whether Baumbach will ask former Islander Coach Al Arbour to write a guest column for the blogsite. A column that would push Coach Arbour's "name mentions" on the site above the one million mark.....if it's counted in Jim's book.
In related news, the Obama Administration announced that if and when Newsday begins charging consumers for access to the new website, the purchase price paid for a subscription will certainly fit the definition of "Cash for Clunkers", but that consumers will not be eligible for any type of cash rebate, indeed, consumers may be subject to an additional 25% idiot tax.

And that's just my opinion for this Friday.....from two time zones away.


  1. If he had killed someone...1 year.....

  2. What I don't get is that he shot himself, not anyone else, and he gets 2 years for being stupid.

  3. From the border town (WI/MN)

    Bar signs on WI side:

    "Favre, the new F-Word"
    "Come Burn Your Purple #4 Jerseys Here Sat"
    "The First Girl to Wear Purple #4"

    Ahhhh what fun this will be.