11 August 2009


One of the most hotly debated topics on Bob Glauber's Newsday blog (http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/glauber-s-nfl-hot-reads-1.811959)
the past few months was the return of Michael Vick to the NFL.
(Unfortunately or fortunately, it is no longer....but for reasons other than the story).

Michael Vick is a convicted felon. He abused dogs. Heinously.
I love dogs. Have always had one. Enjoyed 4 of them when I lived in Alaska.
In fact, I consider myself somewhat of a suburban Cesar Millan. I cried when my last dog Ruby (she was a good dog) didn't wake up one morning. I get a huge smile every day when Huck (nobody loves Huck) greets me with his smiling face and wiggling butt when I come home.
I enjoy a dog's company more than I enjoy the company of most humans. Dogs are easily the most non-judgemental species that sheds in our homes. There is simply no better friend than man's best friend.
(I have a different attitude towards cats....but that's a subject for another blog).

With that said, I don't give a howl about the fact that heinous dog abuser Michael Vick is being allowed back on the football field.
It's the American Way, isn't it?
Commit a crime, do the time, we'll loan ya a dime.

So why is there SO MUCH antipathy, angst, indeed hatred being expressed from so many corners of America toward the prospect of Michael Vick returning to his job?

I just can't help but think that a lot of it, MOST of it, is a manifestation of some residual racism that continues to plague the inner sanctums of non-Black America's subconscious. A small measure of racism that is spewing forth behind a convenient vision of Lassie and Old Yeller lying on a street in bloodied pain.
Cuz who didn't/couldn't love Lassie and Old Yeller?
But c'mon folks.....these are animals we're talking about.
Let's not confuse them with virgin white women in small southern towns of Mississippi and Alabama in the 1800's.

I can't help but think that if this story was about Brett Favre (who kills..the ultimate animal torture.. A LOT of animals now as a hunter....but that's "legal") it would not be met with anywhere near the intensity that Michael Vick is facing now.
Hell, we put Joe Dimaggio in the Baseball Hall of Fame and he was a well known (never convicted or even arrested) physical abuser of two legged animals....i.e. the women in his life.
Billy Martin pounded the crap out of enough two legged animals in drunken bar brawls to be put away for years, but we gave him legendary stature.
Just last year a young hockey player was killed on the ice during a fight, and the perpetrator wasn't even questioned about the obvious homicide.

Some stuff is too easily considered "part of the game", not just sports, but America's game......if you're not black.
While a different set of standards is still often applied to Black America.

Michael Vick is and should be given a short leash by the NFL, like any other convicted felon.
A strong case could be made that the NFL has gone beyond the boundaries of decency (and legality) by suspending him for 6 games.
An equally strong case could be made that the NFL would be within their rights to keep him from returning.

But, like it or not, he's coming back.
Can we just call things even and start anew?

And give Vick a chance?

Just my opinion...


  1. Richie G. (Lynbrook)August 11, 2009 at 2:45 AM

    505, this sounds like Al Sharpton wrote it. My hatred towards Vick has everything to do with him being black. But not his skin, his heart. His black heart. He is a scumbag that should never be allowed the PRIVILEGE of plying in the NFL.

    Now if Goodell stated that its no longer a privilege to play in the league, then I'd have no problem with him coming back. But since he claims it is a privilege, then dregs like him must not be allowed back.

  2. ah...Richie....I knew you'd be the 1st to comment...I just had the over/under a little off.

    At least I know that you're reading this blog.
    And that does my heart wonders.

  3. Ya... dont care about MV ... do care about dogs. Yes hunting is legal and so is cattle farming, now you havent joined PETA or somthin have ya... MV tortured and exploited animals. MV is a POS imo... Brett Favre not so much.. ;-)

  4. No anon...I have no use for PETA.
    Indeed, they are among the worst animal abusers on the planet.

    Just shedding a little light on the pervasive hypocrisy that is inherent within our society.
    And I think that anyone who feels some kind of self-righteous indignation about Vick torturing and exploiting animals, needs to rethink their next purchase of Chicken McNuggets, before they go off on a hate-filled vendetta against him.
    His sin, while illegal, is not much different than the sins of those who operate with the letter of the law.


    But me? Personally?
    Hey...we're the dominant species on this planet.
    I like chicken, as long as it tastes like chicken. I'm not too concerned with how it gets from the barnyard to my lips.

  5. Right on i505. If Vick doesn't get an NFL job I fear he'll end up like his brother Marcus, broke, jobless and in trouble with the law. At least football will give him a chance to rebuild his life. I hope one NFL team gives him a chance.

    John H

  6. The thing that I don't get is...every job I've ever had in the real world had an application. And on that application was a part to check-off whether or not I had ever been convicted of a felony.

    Convicted? No, never convicted...

  7. hey 505 can i sk why you found it necessary to take a poke at cats in this diatribe///maybe you are jealous of the fact that they are intelligent, sensitive, playful, inquisitive creatures---something which could hardly be said about you

  8. That's a blog for another day Anonymous.
    For now I'll just say that I am deathly allergic to them.....and I have issues with animals that think they're smarter than humans.

    And in your case that may not be a stretch of imagination.

  9. i have yet to meet animal that doesnt at least act smarter than the average human

  10. C'mon now Bill, you're comparing instinct to reason and placing a higher importance on instinct. I'm not entirely opposed to that thought, just sayin' it's comparing apples to oranges.