26 August 2009


With apologies to Jeannie C. Riley and the Harper Valley PTA.
Word from the cosmic Edwardian grapevine beyond is that Mary Jo is hoping to attend the wake and funeral for the departed Ted Kennedy. But she's concerned that her hair won't dry in time and that no one will know who she is.

But enough....I'll go no further....no comparisons to the hatred that America still lashes upon Michael Vick for killing dogs, no indignant rants about how Plaxico Burress can get two years for stupidity, yet a drunk driver who killed someone and left the scene can be lionized as "A Great American"......Nope... no comments about the hypocrisy that pervades our Great Society.

I had other plans for today.
And I'm not gonna allow the morbid idolatry that immerses All Things Kennedy, a family endowed via questionable activities like bootlegging and stock market manipulation (Ivan Boesky would feel terrorized by Joe Kennedy), to sidetrack me from the original plans for today.

Nope.....breathe deep 505'ers.
And exhale.
Release all that ails you...

It's Time for Tunes For Thursday.
A little music (cuz we love music don't we?) to get ready for Friday and the weekend.
So take a coupla minutes, click the link, play the music (you may have to download MP3), read along and enjoy the song. (Yes, I detect a strong Goo-Goo Dolls influence here as well as Pure Prairie League)


And then try this little instrumental by the same artist. (Satrianni anyone?)


But, since I'm really an old blues guy at heart.....here's my choice for Song of the Summer 2009.
Click the play button in the upper right corner.


I like 'em....

But that's just my opinion.....


  1. and dont forget about joes nazi sympathies in the 1930s and his aid to the appeaser types while ambassador to the brits/////but you have to admit that at least son john had a lot of style and enough sense and savvy to prevent the world from ending over the cuban thing---imagine what would have happened had tricky dicky or ronnie baby or either of the two bushes been in that position---goodbye world

  2. "Family's the strongest thing that human beings have
    Except the will to laugh"

    Good music. Great lyrics. A little something that speaks to your rant.

    Maybe I have some empathy for the Kennedy's, in spite of the Silver Spoon the boys all had up their ass (and sometimes their nose?). But something about having two brothers being croaked by assassins while doing what they think (and I do too) is in the best interest of the country, softens me up for a family. Then there's the shared faith, the laws Teddy work his ass off to get passed, that I think are good. (But I get that you don't.) And maybe you've been a good drinker all your life and have never done any drunk driving? On some of those occasions I might have been as stupid as he was after he drove off the bridge. And it bothers you that he wasn't charged with a crime. Is there a law against stupidity? And the TV orgies after the death of _________ are getting pretty old.

    Good music.

  3. Well said Koots...all the way 'round.
    (But comparing/rationalizing the basic act of
    "drunk driving" with killing someone while under the influence? Hmmmmm)
    And that line from the song jumped out at me as well.

    Wow Buckeye....I'm shocked....Kennedy bashing?
    Accusing Joe of giving aid and comfort to our enemies?
    What is the world coming to.
    Although I can get a sense of where Joe was coming from with his attitude toward the Brits in the 30's, given the current and longstanding animosity between the Irish and GB that existed at the time.

    And yes, there is no doubt JFK came out smelling like a rose in between the Bay of Pigs fiasco and sending "advisors" to a former French colony in SE Asia while simultaneously orchestrating the overthrow of it's leader.

  4. And buckeye....

    Did you not recognize the singer in the 1st two songs?
    Son of one of your old Browns cronies from AK.
    Amazing what 25 or so years can do to ones personna.

  5. why would it surprise you that i would bash a kennedy////oh i forgot even though ive told you a hundred times that i am not and never have been a democrat (the party that is) nor a liberal (at least in your definition) you continue to treat me like the leper i would be (in your opinion) if i were either