22 August 2009


People sing-ing.... people laugh-ing.
The Yanks kicked the Red Sox ass.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa,
505's eating ice cream.

And whether the score was 25 or 6 to 4, or 1-0, one thing is clear, at this point in the season, it's much closer to midnight for the Red Sox than 20 to 11.
Does anybody really know what time it is?
Was last night only the beginning?
I just hope this Blosox crushing becomes a hard habit to break for the Yankees.
(It's a shame the Yanks didn't sign Ochocinco to kick that extra point last night and make it a clean 21........I know, I know....badddddd....couldn't resist)

I'm lovin' this crying game about whether South African runner, Caster Semenya is a male or a female.
Is it too late to cast he/she on Entourage as a college student for a chance dorm encounter with Vince and settle this dispute once and for all?
And where are all the "Obama's not an American" protesters to take up the cause of purity in International Racing? Cuz with a surname like "Semenya", I gotta wonder if the Russians aren't trying to flood the international racing market with their home-growns.
Usain Bolt just won a 2nd gold and set another record in the worlds.
That's the good news....the bad news is....he failed his post-race pap smear.

Brett Favre gave delusional Viking's fans a taste of what's to come last night.
Sure, it's pre-season and very early in his acclimation/training.
So he hits stride in late September through November.
Have any of you flush with Leinenkugel walleyes checked his December and beyond stats over the last four years?
They drop faster than Obama's post inaugural popularity numbers.
13 TD's and 31 INT's in December.
(Thanks to Bob Glauber of Newsday http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/glauber-s-nfl-hot-reads-1.811959 for those stats)

That's it for today, time to break out the 64 count Crayola Coloring Box so I can go colour my world.

A rare Sunday Doubleheader on tap for tomorrow.

T-I-M-E O-U-T!!!

I just put this blog to rest and walked outside my office to make the 120 ft walk across the building parking lot to the convenience store next door.
And in the space of 45 seconds, two things occurred that made me say to myself...
"WTF has happened to our society?"

At the 45 foot mark of my Ciggie Trek, (still not breathing hard), a woman was on a heading from the gas pumps that was gonna result in a collision at the intersection of Front and Door. So, I picked up my step.
She picked up her gait. I went a little faster...So did she.....
I finally said to her "Lady, I'm gonna hold the door open for you, You can be first on line inside!!"
She gave me a sheepish grin, displaying a slight embarassment, and barely muttered a "thank you".
Ladies.......can't you at least give us guys A CHANCE to display a little chivalry and common courtesy once in awhile? And if we fail your expectations, just chalk it up as an unintended consequence of all things NOW? And I mean either the movement or the attitude that grips all lives today.
So I go inside the store (2nd in line) and what's the 1st thing that I see? (I'm in there virtually everyday, I can tell ya where to find any item in the store).
A Brand New Sign hanging behind the counter.
A Sales Incentive Program for the clerks to "suggest sell" Lottery Scratchers.
Huh?? The State Run Lottery Program is INCENTIVIZING clerks to try to suck "poor people's" ("the poor" are the largest purchasing demographic) money out of their purses and wallets with point of purchase selling techniques?
(Which for those of you who do not know, are the most effective ways to sell a product, far more effective than any kind of advertising....hint hint....all the nonsense about tobacco companies and TV advertising) .
Where do I sign up for the 20 year retirement, 200K/yr job ,with fully paid taxpayer benefits to train the clerks in POP Sales Techniques?
Lord Help Us.

Please people.......don't ever let ANYONE ever convince you that the Government, any government, is out to "protect the poor". Elementary Bullshit 101.
It's all part of the end game of Manifest Destiny.
Or...staying within today's original theme...."Manifest Destiny's Child".

When governments run out of countries to conquer abroad, they look for new empires to build at home.

Just my opinion.


  1. My granny used to be run a joint called the Wallace Tap Room in Blue Island, Illinois. It was not the hangout for what you would call the Upper Crust of the Land of Lincoln. My dad tells the story that she would study the pull-tab winnings pretty closely, to know when it was a good investment to buy the balance of the jar.

    I'm all for ending lotteries. Just need to find a way to replace that revenue or cut spending. We could tax the sale of music, but nobody buys that anymore since it's all free on the internets.

  2. "I'm all for ending lotteries. Just need to find a way to replace that revenue or cut spending."

    "Alex, Can I have a "B" please?"
    "Yes 505, and there are 105 of them"

    The Yossarian/Kramer vs Kramer moment about "All Things Lottery" here in 505.

    All funds are earmarked toward College Scholarships for NM students.

    See my earlier blog about "46% High School Graduation Rate in ABQ"
    Another manifestation of the Rule of Unintended Consequences.
    The Smart (rich) Get Smarter.

  3. BTW Koots.....I think I could easily fall in love with your Granny.
    My kinda woman...bar owner and savvy numbers person.

  4. So I s'pose there's a College Scholarships for NM Students Fund that is overflowing with revenue, since you aren't sending many kids off to college.

    Give me another letter in the WoF phrase. I can't imagine what would have 105 B's. (And Alex is on Jeopardy, not WoF.)

  5. Well, I haven't seen any financial statements issued by The State in reference to the Lottery Fund...
    But they got some new expansive and pretty
    office space.

    Whoops....My apologies to Pat...(but Merv's people should be happy that I plugged two of his gold mines).

    "B" as in the latter of your suggestions for alternatives to Lotteries.

  6. hey 505 the lotteries at least give hope to the great unwashed///if these fools want to throw their money away to my state government to help keep the roads open im all for it