19 February 2010


Top Ten Stuff Missing From NBC's Coverage of The American Curling Teams.

10/Cold frosty Leinenkugel's in the spare hands of American Curlers.

9/SAP translations for the Minnesotaspeak impaired. (dendaredonchano)

8/Sideline buffet tables featuring head cheese, pickled venison, walleye, lutefisk and a wild rice hot dish. With a "Man Vs. Food" segue of Keith Olbermann chomping down on Taconite Stew.

7/Post match coverage of raucous Polka Line Dancing parties.

6/Who wouldn't enjoy watching Rachel Maddow humming the words to "The Chicken Dance" at a Sven and Oly Karaoke Fundraiser for the teams?

5/Up Close + Personal stories about some really MinnesotaNice People.

4/Live "hometown crowd" shots from every bar named "The Mucky Duck Saloon" in Wisconsin and Minnesota during the matches.

3/Warmup music featuring the hard driving accordion riffes of "Cousin Fuzzy and The Squareheads".

2/Mary Richards and Lou Grant as sideline reporters.

1/Crowd shots showcasing Jessica Biel cheering on her homey's!!

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