27 April 2010


The Yankees were honored by Barry at the White House yesterday.
So many unanswered questions.

Was Mexican pitcher Alfredo Aceves granted full citizenship rights in the Oval Office after pledging allegiance to the Democratic Party?

Does Mariano Rivera's standing in for Joe Biden and giving a speech to the "English As A Second Language Society" count as a save?

Is it true that often criticized (for being gutless) Yankee pitcher Javy Vasquez peed his pants and blew cookies right before meeting POTUS?

Did Derek Jeter really sneak off to the White House Clinton Room with Nancy Pelosi?

How come only Joba Chamberlain had to take a breathalyzer from WH Security people before entering WH grounds? Isn't that profiling?

Why has there been no mention of Barbara Boxer's concurrent proclamation in front of a standing and tearful Senate Chambers declaring yesterday Hideki Matsui Day?

Did Yankees 3rd base coach Rob Thompson really promise to only wave runners home with his left arm in exchange for a custom stimulus package that would build 3 baseball fields for every soccer field in cities across America?

Was that Major League Umpire Joe West standing guard at the ceremony door to prevent any Republicans from crashing the event and stalling?

Any truth to the rumor that A-Rod was apprehended by Secret Service agents for walking across the free throw line on the White House basketball court?

Did Obama really ask Nick Swisher to become a spokesman for and lend his name to all National Gay Pride events going forward?

Inquiring minds want to know.

BULLETIN!!! This just in from Albany, NY. Minka Kelly has filed the necessary paperwork to make at run at Charles Schumer's NY Senate Seat.

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