06 May 2010



A lot is being said and done these days as a result of the Arizona Immigration Law. The Progressive Left has suddenly and miraculously discovered The Constitution after months of standing by and applauding while Obama trampled it, and the Conservative Right has conveniently overlooked the part of The Constitution that charges the Federal Government with the sole responsibility of protecting our nation's borders.

All good stuff in the constantly evolving debate of political tomfoolery. My opinion? I am philosophically opposed to the AZ Immigration Law. Only because I believe that the State of Arizona has overstepped it's Constitutional Rights here by engaging in an issue that is the domain of the Federal Government. With that said, however, I can't blame the Arizona leaders taking this kind of action.  They are in bad shape and need help desperately, and they are doing what they can to help themselves, regardless of the illegal and unconstitutional nature of it.
To me, it's kinda like a good looking young woman who lives in a really bad part of town, foregoing the normal TIME CONSUMING mandated laws that are required to secure a weapon for her own safety, and buying a pistol off the street and hiding it in her bedroom/purse to be used....ONLY IF NEEDED.
She's illegal as hell....but who can blame her?

Overlooked in all of this debate, however, or should I say illicitly drawn into this debate, is the attempt by many in the media as well as our own President, to engage our nation's sports and it's athletes into the controversy. To use basketball and baseball as a bully weapon in support of the plight of illegal immigrants.

While baseball writers like Mike Lupica and Ken Davidoff have jumped on the "nouveau chic convenient Constitutionalism" bandwagon by urging Major League Baseball to support opposition of the Arizona Bill and BOYCOTT Arizona by pulling the 2011 All-Star Game, Barack Obama forgot his pom poms yesterday when he delivered a speech praising the Phoenix Suns for changing their jerseys to "Los Suns".
C'mon Mr. President....MORE ACTION to help our beleaguered neighbors in Arizona and less cheerleading please? Would it be so difficult to move a couple of divisions from the Korean Border to man OUR Southern border? We're being invaded sir, and people---American citizens--are dying.
(It's kinda like what noted Roman commenter, Islander011+39 calligraphied onto a scroll 2 thousand years ago.."YO.... Nero, why do we have 15 legions trying to maintain Pax Britannica between the Picts and the Gaels while Tuscany is being flooded with Goths? And fer Marssakes, Nero, will ya please put that damn fiddle away?".

Indeed, the sickening aspect of sport's writers taking a (personal) stand with their "nouveau chic and convenient Constitutionalism" by urging "boycotts" of Arizona sporting events (AKA- declaring economic war) is that they themselves would not join any boycott. When I asked Ken Davidoff of Newsday (on Neil Best's blog.....cuz I am now "boycotting" Davidoff's blog) whether he would stand by the boycott he was proposing for MLB by not writing about the D'Backs or going to Arizona to cover Yankee or Met Games in Arizona, he replied...."I will mention the Diamondbacks as much as I normally would". (and I surmise that he forgot to answer the part about whether HE would travel to Arizona to cover the Yanks and Mets).
Yet when I questioned the hypocrisy of this position, he accused me of  "creating my own paradigm" for measuring hypocrisy.
Really Ken.....just what is YOUR paradigm of hypocrisy? This time zone awaits that definition.

Nothing is more dangerous in our country than an elitist media that will urge others to fight a war (economic or otherwise) that they themselves would not participate in.

But never fear Americans....there is ONE person in the Sport's World who gets it. There is at least ONE GUY who realizes that sports and teams and franchises SHOULD NEVER be used to bully national politics. A guy near and dear to my own heart from the Knick's Championship Season of 1973, a guy who fit the role as a dependable 6th man who always rose to the defense of what was right and good.


 "Am I crazy, or am I the only one that heard [the legislature] say ‘we just took the United States immigration law and adapted it to our state," he said. "I don't think teams should get involved in the political stuff. And I think this one's still kind of coming out to balance as to how it's going to be favorably looked upon by our public. If I heard it right the American people are really for stronger immigration laws, if I'm not mistaken. Where we stand as basketball teams, we should let that kind of play out and let the political end of that go where it's going to go."

Take a lesson Barry, Mike and Ken. Leave sports out of this...to do otherwise is cowardly. It's no different than asking the big powerful school yard bully to beat up the funny looking weird kid from the short bus who chuckled when you fell off the monkey bars.

Just my opinion.

This just in from Two Time Zones Away sources deep within the Lady's Room of U.S. Senate Chambers. Harry Reid and Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig have reached an agreement in principle whereby a new stimulus package will be rammed through Congress that would provide 300 billion dollars in stimulus funds for Major League Baseball to expand into Mexico with new franchises awarded to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo as long as MLB moves the All-Star Game from Arizona in 2011. Part of the stimulus package includes money set aside for the construction of luxury beachfront accommodations for the exclusive use of Major League Players and the Professional Baseball Writers Association. While there are still some issues to iron out, the only major obstruction at this point is a White House condition that President Barack Obama be given a lifetime pass to throw out the 1st pitch for every season opener in Mexico. Commissioner Selig is balking at that idea saying "I don't mind a lefty, but give me someone who can reach home plate, will ya?"  Fellow Southpaw Nancy Pelosi was soon seen headed down to The House Gymnasium with Dennis Kucinich stumbling behind her in oversized catcher's gear.


  1. Take it easy on Kenny D, 505! He is a baseball columnist (i.e., not reporter) expressing an opinion on his blog in, what, 100 words, on what MLB should do months from now if enough players announce their intention to boycott next year's All-Star Game. Unlike Lupica, he did not spend an entire print column hurling insults at the GOP and Arizonans.

  2. Supporting Lupica's position column, and for the record, Ken only used 2 words..."I agree", is no different than the guy on the grassy knoll who only fired one shot at JFK in support of Oswald.
    An accessory to the crime is an accessory to the crime.
    Davidoff wants a boycott? He's got one.

  3. hey 505 ill give you something more dangerous than an elitist media starting a war they wouldnt participate in///how about a too dumb to be elitist president who had no problem sending plenty of americans to their deaths in iraq for a cause i guarantee you wouldnt have been strong enough for him to participate in if what we mean by participating entailed actually picking up a weapon and putting his own hypocritical chicken shit ass on the line

  4. Ah yes, the always reliable "BIOB defense" that resurrects it ugly head every time an Obama lover can't defend their guy for wrong actions or inaction during current events.

    There's something to be said for calling on history as a reference for handling current events, cuz we all know that history has a way of repeating itself.

    It's quite another to ignore current events by soothing one's own doubts about their superhero by dwelling on the past mistakes of others.

    And thanks for leaving an empty kitty litter box in the house Lex Luthor, so close to the computer.
    That's like leaving an empty kryptonite container in Clark Kent's study.
    I've been hacking up a lung for two days now, not realizing it was there.

  5. I-505, my apologies re: not answering the "Would I travel to Arizona" question. Simple forgetfulness, I swear. Anywho, I'm not planning on going to AZ, since it's not a trip to which we would normally send a columnist. If something crazy happened, though - let's say, the Yankees acquired Cliff Lee, and he made his first start in AZ - then I would go. If that's hypocrisy in your world, then go to town.

    To me, first of all, as I said, I want to see how the dust settles. Second of all, I fail to see the parallel between me not spending money in AZ for 2 or 3 days and MLB pulling a ginormous event out of the state.

    But again: The thing about hypocrisy is it's not defined concretely. We can all come up with our own definitions of it, and while we can disagree with each others' definitions, I don't see how one is right and one is wrong.

  6. Well, I didn't go to any Institutions of Higher learning in Ann Arbor. So I've always made a habit of relying on simple definitions of words provided by standard dictionarys.
    Like this one:

    hy·poc·ri·sy (h-pkr-s)
    n. pl. hy·poc·ri·sies
    1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.
    2. An act or instance of such falseness.

    1/Here we have a baseball writer (you) professing a belief ("I agree".. with Mike Lupica) that MLB should demonstrate it's support for those opposed to the AZ Immigration Bill by engaging in a boycott of Arizona and moving the 2011 All-Star Game.
    2/And that same writer (you) readily admits that if "the right opportunity presented itself", you would not hesitate to act by crossing the picket line.

    I fail to understand the logic you are trying to dispense by suggesting that your inability to match the "ginormity" of an action by MLB, releases you from honoring the policy you are proposing in your own small way.

    That's no different than Al Gore saying "I want the United States to reduce it's use of oil, but I'm gonna keep driving around in Limos and Humvees and flying my fleet of aircraft because my carbon footprint is much smaller than the aggregate of everyone else".

    AKA Do as I say, not as I do.

    And as far as my reaction to your vague definition of hypocrisy?....If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...SHOOT IT.

    You're either for the boycott or you're not.
    A boycott is a declaration of economic warfare.
    When you propose or agree with something as dramatic as economic warfare you are engaging in an activity that will inflict pain and suffering on a whole bunch of people and it will also result in a lot of collateral damage.
    That is not a decision that should be taken lightly nor should it involve anything less than a full commitment, especially one's own.

    Just my opinion.

  7. And for the record Ken?

    My ego is more in line with the size of Alaska.

  8. Oh yeah....one more thing...

    Spot on column today about the A-Rod/Braden nonsense.

  9. Glad that you're still reading! :)

    I fully respect your accusation of my hypocrisy. I really do. I see where you're coming from. I just look at it differently.

    I'm not calling for the Diamondbacks to leave AZ, nor am I calling for any or all of the 15 teams to leave spring training there, nor am I calling on MLB to move the Arizona Fall League.

    I guess I'm calling on a selective boycott. I think not having the All-Star Game in AZ would embarrass the state government in a powerful way. Would there be collateral damage? Sure. But my fear is that there will be collateral damage from the new law and its execution.

    If that makes me a hypocrite, then I guess I'll live with it.

  10. "But my fear is that there will be collateral damage from the new law and its execution."

    Noble thoughts and reasoning for sure. (and I mean that).......even though your fears are unjustified when compared to other "collateral damages" to personal liberties that occur throughout our country on a daily basis right now.

    But speaking of "collateral damage", you're okay with government entitities using the battering ram of MLB's (and other sports)powerful economics to effect political policy changes?
    That baseball and football become tools of war in the political arena?

    "Relax Nancy, I'll have Rahm call the Senators and Congressmen from Florida and tell them that if they vote for Cap N' Trade, we'll just have Reinsdorf and Einhorn move their spring training complex to Pensacola, or some other sludge infested city on Florida's panhandle...we can make those guys an offer they can't refuse".

    Is that how we want politics to run in America?
    Each entity beholdin' to the other in some form?

    Where our elected leaders are so ineffective and non-creative (Menendez-NJ is the latest buffoon) that the only solution they have to combat issues they disagree with is to set the dogs of economic warfare in the form of MLB or the NFL upon them?

    Separation of Religion and State?
    How 'bout Separation of Ryan Church and State?

    Baseball must stay away from the politics of Arizona (and the Feds). If the MLBPA votes not to attend an All-Star Game in Phoenix, then Selig should respond that they are not interested being dragged into political games, and that they are more interested in honoring their COMMITMENT to the City of Phoenix.

    Commitment before politics, and especially political correctness....always.
    C'mon Ken....is there any REAL THREAT to Hispanic players in AZ? Now or in the future?

    I got a funny feeling that a lot of players like Alfredo Aceves, fresh off his 2010 Cy Young Award (now that Mitre has just blown his chance at 5th starter), will forego any politics for a chance to appear in his 1st All-Star Game, regardless of where it is.

    Besides, why shouldn't players be allowed the opportunity and right to be "selective" in their choice of boycotts just as any newspaper writer, or politician?

    If they decide to boycott? GOOD FOR THEM
    If they decide not to boycott? GOOD FOR THEM

    Politicians and Suits and Sportwriters should not be making that decision for them.

    Just my opinion.

  11. "If they decide to boycott? GOOD FOR THEM
    If they decide not to boycott? GOOD FOR THEM"

    I agree 100%.

    And I have been consistent, throughout the years, in slamming teams that try to get public funding for their new ballparks.

    "C'mon Ken....is there any REAL THREAT to Hispanic players in AZ? Now or in the future?"

    I don't know, for sure. I don't pretend to know for sure. My greater concern is, is there any real threat to Latino people - players or non-players - who are legal immigrants? If there is, then kudos to the players - Latino or anything else - who speak out on their behalf.

  12. So...are you gonna delete, change or moderate in any way your "I agree" on Lupica's article?

    Cuz Bob Tufts is about to go kerfuffle.


  13. "So...are you gonna delete, change or moderate in any way your "I agree" on Lupica's article?"

    No. But if the Players Association relents and decides to go ahead and let the '11 ASG happen in Phoenix, I won't be horrified. Not all of my opinions carry equal intensity

  14. "I don't know, for sure. I don't pretend to know for sure."

    You don't know if there is gonna be a threat to MLB players, and you go on to express an uncertainty about whether regular Latinos are going to be affected ("if there is....").

    I keep re-reading that comment and keep wondering... How anyone can suggest/recommend/endorse in a widely read NATIONAL PUBLICATION something as drastic, as economically painful and damaging as direct economic warfare, based on reasoning that they are not sure is gonna happen?

    Doesn't that fall under some kind of definition of abuse of power? Or am I making up a new paradigm for that as well?

    Geez, at least Bush believed that there were WMD's in Iraq.

    Boycott continues. (have to stop reading now as well).

  15. gee whiz 505 id like to weigh in on your side in the battle with davidoff but once again your labeling of me as an "obama lover" has p----- me off enough to cause me to remain neutral/// never met or saw a man yet that i loved but confess that i have known or seen a few that i hated--george w included

  16. "How anyone can suggest/recommend/endorse in a widely read NATIONAL PUBLICATION something as drastic, as economically painful and damaging as direct economic warfare, based on reasoning that they are not sure is gonna happen?"

    Because I object to the spirit of the law.

  17. Well Ken,

    I object to your overbearing, economically violent, oppressive, guilt assuaging, misinformed, knee-jerk, politically biased, reaction and method for dealing with "what may or may not be" (your earlier admission) the "spirit of the law".

    How 'bout that girls HS hoops team in Chicago today? Saved all their money to pay THEIR own way to Tucson for a tournament, only to have it squelched by ONE administrator in order to "teach them a civics lesson" and because it was "dangerous to go". (I bet they can't get their money back on their air tickets).
    Yeah....that's THE SPIRIT!!
    It's too bad they didn't schedule a game in Beijing. No problem with going over there? Right?

    But I DO wish you, and others who have suddenly discovered the Constitution, would take off those myopic glasses and view some other laws around the country with the same attitude.

    Must be nice to live in such a conveniently selective world.

  18. Hey!! who knows Ken...maybe you'll get lucky and Selig will move the All-Star Game to Beijing. How exciting would that be!!
    Who gives a damn about "spirit of the law" over there!!

    And BTW,, you ARE boycotting Wal-Mart

  19. I knew that "spirit" line would get you going! LOL.

    "But I DO wish you, and others who have suddenly discovered the Constitution, would take off those myopic glasses and view some other laws around the country with the same attitude."

    Name the law, and I'll tell you my opinion on it.

    "And BTW,, you ARE boycotting Wal-Mart....Right?"

    I have never been to a Wal-Mart in my life, so I guess the answer is yes. I certainly would look to avoid them.

  20. "Name the law, and I'll tell you my opinion on it."

    1/DUI checkpoints.
    2/Patriot Act
    3/State Laws Prohibiting Same Sex Marriage
    4/Hate Crime Laws.
    5/English Only Laws
    6/99% of the Census Questionnaire
    7/The Federal Income Tax

    I could give ya a hundred...But I always stop and pay homage to Mickey Mantle.

  21. Oh yeah, I forgot my favorite.....many cities (Albuquerque USED to have one, until the son of the City Council President got popped...quelle shock)have "party patrols".
    Cops drive around town looking for underage drinking in private homes and literally bust down the doors. I have up close and personal experience with them...I'd be happy to fill you in on my experiences as a father some time.
    Nothing more enchanting in the 505 than to have 10-12 cops come swarming through your house....LOOKING FOR BOOZE!!

    So where's the outrage Ken? And the boycotts?

  22. 1/DUI checkpoints. - don't mind them.
    2/Patriot Act - Strongly opposed.
    3/State Laws Prohibiting Same Sex Marriage - Strongly opposed.
    4/Hate Crime Laws. - Don't love the slippery slope.
    5/English Only Laws - Strongly opposed.
    6/99% of the Census Questionnaire - I filled out my questionnaire and don't recall anything shady, but I could understand if this makes people uncomfortable.
    7/The Federal Income Tax - Never really thought about it. I don't mind it.

    "So where's the outrage Ken? And the boycotts?"

    I don't know. I can understand your feelings about others being hypocritical. I really can. But right or wrong, people don't apply the same standards across the board. Some things come into their wheelhouse, and most don't. I opined about this because it has become a topic in the baseball community.

  23. It is one thing to opine....it is quite another to opine and recommend that others engage in economic warfare in order to enforce one's opine.

    That's violence in it's most devious form.

    And that's just my opine.