29 March 2010


10/January 1, 2010. Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota issues an executive order mandating that Brett Favre will enter the NFL Hall of Fame as a Viking.

9/One day after his inauguration in 1993, under pressure from his wife, President Bill Clinton issues an executive order barring cigar toting interns from the Oval Office for the duration of his Presidency.

8/April 1, 1865. Abraham Lincoln issues an executive order closing down Ford's Theater effective April 15th.

7/June 6, 1972. Richard Nixon signs an executive order protecting the Plumbers Union from any type of litigation in Washington D.C.

6/November 27, 1963. Lyndon Johnson writes an executive order giving the Warren Commission full authority and power to get to the bottom of the Kennedy Assasination.

5/May 1, 2003. George W. Bush handwrites an executive order on the back of a Budweiser label that the War in Iraq akomplished.

4/December 7, 1941, 12:55PM EDT. Franklin Delano Roosevelt issues an executive order to the Pacific Military commanders that reads "Japs are nucking futz, prepare for attack".

3/March 30,1981. Secretary of State Alexander Haig, upon hearing that President Reagan was shot, immediately issues an executive order declaring "I am in charge".

2/January 11, 1994. While riding in the back of his 3MPG limousine to a Save The Oil For Someone Else Rally in California, VP Al Gore signs an executive order declaring the Information Superhighway created.

1/March 21, 2010. Barack Obama signs an executive order declaring that no federal funds will be used for abortions.

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  1. in 1941 those japs were nucking futz but you couldnt help but admire the pluck of those little bastards///now their just a silly little decadent people who still know how to build great cars//and lets hear it for government funded abortions and assisted suicides from all governments as a way of givingthe rest of the planets endangered spoecies a fighting chance////////