23 March 2010


Das Andere Deutschland's final issue (German Newspaper in 1933), announcing its own prohibition (Verbot) by the police authorities on the basis of the Reichstag Fire Decree.

When the final tally was announced on Sunday night, I fully expected Nancy Pelosi to send one of her whimpering cervically dysplagic lap dogs (Kucinich? Stupak?) running up to the White House with a copy of the Health Care Bill for Obama to immediately sign. Indeed, I was somewhat shocked when it was announced that Obama was going to wait until today, Tuesday March 23, 2010, before signing it.

Which got me to thinking........(as stated previously in other blog entries...always a dangerous concept).

Why would Obama wait two days to sign this historic and legacy making Health Care Bill?
Like my nanny would always state, (long before the combination of the words "nanny" and "state" took on radically different meanings),  "What if the world came to an end yesterday?"

How would The One get past St. Peter and gain admittance to the Progressive HOF (Heaven of Fame) where he could join his buddies FDR and LBJ? (LBJ is actually getting quite toasty right now, but that's the subject of another blog topic, I am including him in Heaven now strictly out of a poetic license that has not yet been taxed or regulated out of existence).

What's so special about March 23 that gave Obama reason to wait and sign the bill today? Possibly to honor someone or some event?

Good question? Correct?

So, I unleashed the investigative staff at Two Time Zones Away to do a little research.
Was it some significant historical figure's birthday? Nope, no big or applicable names there.
Perhaps Karl Marx was circumsized on March 23?  Possible but probably not, cuz Marx was born a Jew and didn't become a Gentile (no relation to Jim) until age 6.
Is March 23rd the earliest date that Ted Kennedy arose from a St. Patrick's Day bender? Nope. That date is March 28th or 29th, depending on whether you count the time zone he woke up in or the time zone he started drinking in.

So we checked the Significant Events Folder.


We have two options for Obama to reference in his Victory Speech Round Deux by way of historical connection.

First of all, it was on March 23, 1806, after 2 years of slogging through the Louisiana Territory, (not a whole lot longer than it took Obama to jam this Health Care Plan down our throats), famed explorers Lewis and Clark and their "Corps of Discovery", began their return trip home from Oregon with tales and riches of the Louisiana Purchase.

Which is certainly significant because now on the same March 23, 204 years later.... Mary Landrieu, the "Whore He Discovered" can begin her return trip back to Louisiana with a keelboat loaded with riches from the latest Purchase of the same name.

Secondly, we came across this little ironic similarity,

On this date in 1933, The German Reichstag (Congress) passed the Enabling Act of 1933, making Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany. This was after Hitler's Cronies had tried to burn down the same Reichstag a month previous, but like Rahm Emanuel professes and practices so well, ("A Crisis is A Terrible Thing To Waste"), Hitler seized the opportunity presented by the Reichstag Fire to centralize more power within the National Socialist Central Government, took control of various industries and eliminated numerous freedoms. Not the least of which included taking over or closing every newpaper in the country.

Which is certainly significant because now on this same March 23, 76 years later...Obama and Emanuel have just extinguished, indeed took full advantage of,  the firestorm that was scorching their administration after the election of Scott Brown. And they did it by trampling over the Constitution and breaching every possible Rule of Order and Procedure in Congress. And let's not overlook the powerful and Enabling Actions of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from our own Reichstag, that led to this powerful and impressive victory.
All the while a fawning media and press (save one major outlet) pretty much closed both eyes to this 21st Century power grab by the new forces of National Socialism. (Sorry progressives, but it's now official....Obama is a Socialist...The Reverend Al Sharpton anointed him Sunday....right here:
All of this, after nationalizing the automobile industry, the banking industry and now the Health Insurance Industry, indeed the entire Health Care industry.
And for the first time in American History....our National(ist?) Government is MANDATING, under penalty of a fine or jail, that we MUST purchase a consumer product.

All I can say is....brilliant acknowledgement of March 23 and it's significance in history Mr. Obama. I tip my hat to you for recognizing the appropriateness of signing the Health Care Act today.

But rather than leave everyone with a lousy taste in their mouths about the date of March 23rd. I'll leave you with another special event that happened on this date as well; and it's kinda different.
Because it was on this date in 1775, that Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech – "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" – at St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia.

Imagine that......secular words of wisdom delivered in a Church... how politically incorrect in 2010.
And can anyone imagine Jeremiah Wright saying something comparable?
Or would it be more like......."Give My State More Unfunded Federal Mandates!! Or Give Me More Community Organizers.....But Give me Something God Dammit!!"


  1. so now 505 is stooping so low as to compare obama to hitler/////

  2. Just callin' 'em like I see 'em Buckeye.

    You, of all people, know very well that history has been known to repeat itself.

    And that all great civilizations share one road in common with great civilizations that came before them. And that road is the road to ruin.

    A road that is historically littered with civilizations that allowed themselves to be swayed by smooth talking heads of state who promised a chicken in every pot if they allowed the government to take care of everything for them.

    When we all fear the greed that is inherent
    in capitalist societies yet ignore the greed that is equally inherent in socialist societies we are doomed to be consumed by the socialist state.