13 September 2009


Last week was a slow blogging week for yours truly. For no good reason.

Except that, as someone who prides himself as an occasional laser tongued twit, I found myself overwhelmed by witty, and well-timed comments that would have made anything I wrote or said boring and pedestrian in comparison. (Moreso than usual!!)

So, I'm dedicating this entry to a list of all of the outstanding quotes that were generated last week from around the country. And they are listed in no particular order, cuz just like Groucho's clever pose pictured above, they are all number one in my book.

"You Lie"......South Carolina Congressman Joe Fisher, who is likely to have his next 10 campaigns financed, thanks to the sale of bumper stickers boasting that well timed catcall. A catcall that will wind up on the all-time list with the person who screamed out "Whipping Post" during the Allman Brother's Band Fillmore Concerts.

“If I could, I would take this f… ball and shove it down your f… throat.” ......Luv it Sistah Serena. Well worth the 10K purse snatching the Tennis Authorities leveed upon you. You make bad losers like me feel proud that NO ONE should walk away quietly from a bad call by an official. Especially a cheap call that cost you a shot at winning the a Grand Slam event. If you are gonna get beat by an official....GET YOUR DAMN MONEY"S WORTH. BRAVO Serena.

"No. The NY Islanders visited the White House"..... From FB friend, fellow Islander and Yankee fan Brooks Simpson. Who corrected the mighty "Puck Daddy" Hockey Sports Section in Yahoo when they wrote an article claiming that the Pittsburgh Penguins were the 1st Stanley Cup winning team to visit the White House. Proving, ONCE AGAIN, that the NY Islander's Dynasty of the early 80's continues to be the most ignored and overlooked dynasty of all time.

"All she does is sit there and blink like Yul Brynner in a rainstorm at Westworld"....Dennis Miller talking about Nancy Pelosi during Obama's Health Care Speech. What can I add to that pearl? As I sat there watching her glazed catatonic expression, I was getting a vision of a cross between a tensile haired Elsa Lanchester from "Bride of Frankenstein" and an extra who's cameo appearance wound up on the cutting room floor from the "Stepford Wives".

"The organization didn’t play with the flu in Utah”...A snippet from Michael Jordan's less than magnamious NBA Hall of Fame Speech, where, in this case, it was Michael's way of thanking Chicago Bull's owner Jerry Krauss for surroundng MJ with quality talent and coaching.

“Take some individual responsibility to stay healthy during the flu season.”
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on flu vaccinations. All I can say is SHOCKING to hear such pearls of wisdom emanating from within the Beltway. The question is, however, how long will someone uttering the words "individual responsibility" and "health" in the same sentence be allowed to stay in the Obama circle?

"That is the voice of God because its the voice of truth and experience."..... MSNBC's Chris Matthews, reacting to a Bill Clinton speech. And here I thought there was only The One True God at MSNBC.

"Georgia will kill South Carolina, by a field goal"......ESPN's legendary College Football Prognosticator Lee Corso....To which South Carolina Congressman Joe Fisher and every betting citizen of South Carolina filled Corso's e-mail box with a simple "You LIED" after Georgia won by 4 points.

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  1. Proving, ONCE AGAIN, that the NY Islander's Dynasty of the early 80's continues to be the most ignored and overlooked dynasty of all time.

    C-mon .... Overlooked... you are a typical frustrated Islanders fan who has not had a winner in a long time ...SO where do ya go... back to your glory days.. ah remember when blah blah blah... back in the 80's ... 20 years ago or so... Boo fricken hoo... we just didnt get the press we deserved... and still arent... yah ya did ...and .. its over and you are going to have to put a good team on the ice to get some press again...