09 May 2010


"Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own"

10/Betty White...who can't love this woman after her performance on SNL last night? Give her an Emmy. NOW!!
9/Marie Curie....saved more children than anyone else in history.
8/June Cleaver....Whether or not she actually said it (Urban Legend?), In an era of oppressive TV censorship and Seven Words You Can't Say on Television, she is nevertheless credited with one of the most famous prime time quotes of all time,"Ward, I think you were a little hard on The Beaver last night".
7/Rose Kennedy...She buried five of her nine children, raised a president, two U.S senators, while married to arguably the most corrupt and dishonest man in American History.
6/Kim Biel....gave our world her daughter.....thank you , thank you, thank you.

5/Lucille Ball.....In defiance of CBS TV executives in the 1950's she made the word "pregnant" (as well as the "condition" of pregnancy) an acceptable word and FACT OF LIFE to national TV audiences. (When CBS execs wanted her to use the word "expectant", Luci unleashed an "expectorant" on the suits).
4/Mother Earth...who despite the sniveling protestations of Pauline Gore's son, continues to cheerfully allow us to use her resources that we need for survival within her womb.
3/Anna Jarvis....who is she you ask? DUH!!! She's the woman who founded the idea of Mother's Day!! No doubt has honorary membership in the Hallmark, Brachs, and FTD Corporate Halls of Fame.
2/The Mother of (and) my children's mother. Without either of whom, I wouldn't have two great kids.
1/This Fine Lady....what kind of heel would I be if I didn't make my own mother Number One? (She's the one on the left...Not bad for 86 years old, eh? BAD ME for not making her 86th b'day....and the woman on the right gets more than an honorable mention...my aunt who raised 6 hellraising Irish sons).

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  1. no worries 505 a lot of people are going to accuse you of being a heel no matter what you have to say about your mother but to put your mother ahead of mother earth shows that your ego may be even larger than the state of alaska///we may have to resize it to occupy a space as large as the old soviet union