03 November 2009



Somebody on the Yankee pitching staff has got to knock Chase Utley on his ass. Or do what the Phillies have done to A-Rod three times so far.... and plant one in his ribs.

Cuz Chase Utley is well on his way to singlehandedly (with some help from Cliff Lee) leading the Phillies to a second consecutive World Series Championship.

I don't want to hear any nonsense about "that's not the Yankee Style" or the "Yankees have too much class for that kind of baseball.


Style points and class only win in Olympic Figure Skating.

Enough of Chase Utley....drill him and take your chances on Ryan "Special K" Howard.

Just my opinion.


  1. The Yankees pitchers obviously have better control then the Phillies pitchers. (None of those pitches that ended up in Alex's ribs were put there on purpose.)

    Next thing you'll be suggesting that a fight in hockey is o.k.

  2. 'scuse me Koots, took me awhile to get back to you cuz I was calculating the statistical probability of the "control challenged" Phillie's pitchers hitting A-Rod....THREE TIMES.......accidentally. And for the record, since Game 1 Yankee pitchers have issued 19 base on balls, while Phillie pitchers have issued a mere 13. And Phillie pitchers hold K superirity as well, fanning 45 Yankees compare to only 43 Phillies going down (and factor the Howard phenomena into that).
    Yet 5 Yankees have been HBP (A-Rod 3X, Tex 2X), while only one (BAD CALL by the ump) Phillie has been HBP (Victorino).

    Your theory is lacking about the "controlled challenged" Phillie pitchers.

    Fighting in hockey? You know I am opposed to it. Just as I am opposed to it in any sport save boxing.

    What's that got to do with throwing at a hitter in baseball?

  3. "What's that got to do with throwing at a hitter in baseball?"

    Aiming a pitch at a batter is no different than dropping the gloves for some dukies in pucks. Do I believe in the "purpose" pitch? Hell yes. Of course I was being sarcastic. I was on the road the other day and listening to Morgan and Miller discuss the situation in game 4 when the umps issued warnings to both benches. What can you do then? Get C.C. ejected? Can't do that. Pretty weird.

  4. It's not "style points" in figure skating, its "artistic interpretation". Just saying.

  5. "Aiming a pitch at a batter is no different than dropping the gloves for some dukies in pucks."

    I'd take a Spalding in my oversized posterior over a Brashear right hand to my noggin anytime. Huge difference.

  6. Bean Balls have no place in baseball..they are lethal... dont see alot of NHL players shooting a puck 80 miles an hour at other players...

  7. Who said anything about "Bean" balls?

  8. as much as i hate the yankees i complement them on their class for not retaliating against utley or anybody else---contrawise this idea of class slips just a bit when you see them allow that hayseed joba to sport that perspiration encrusted monstrosity of a hat desecrating the beauty of the classic pinstripes