28 October 2009


Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies is an idiot and has a big mouth.

There is nothing worse than a baseball player who "prognosticates" that his team will "win in 5, maybe 6 if we are nice". As cocky as that may sound, the underside of his prediction is even worse. With this comment, Rollins has also said that his team will "lose one game, maybe two".

Which games will they be Jimmy? Which pitchers and players, TEAMMATES, from your locker room will lose those games, asshole? Care to enlighten the world with those pearls of wisdom, sir?

Baseball players who predict LOSSES for their own teams are no better than Pete Rose betting on games. Cuz at what point does Rollins start thinking about the importance and notoriety of his predictions over the greater good of his team? Think that's crazy? It's HUMAN NATURE, FOLKS.

Jimmy Rollins should STFU. (But I'm glad he doesn't......cuz I would love to be in the Yankee Locker Room reading and listening to his BS).

Speaking of STFU........My virtual good friend and world reknowned blogger Bob Mantz posted this gem on his website today: http://njfrogman.blogspot.com/2009/10/top-10-madonna-songs-phillies-sould.html

It's a list of Top 10 Madonna Songs that the Phillies should play when A-Rod comes to bat.

In the interest of equal time to Bob's NONSENSE, I offer this response..

Top 10 Songs To Play For Jimmy Rollins At Bats
  • 10/Just My Imagination (Temptations)
  • 9/Dream On (Aerosmith)
  • 8/Proud Mary- "ROLLIN" Down The River (Ike and Tina)
  • 7/I'm With Stupid (Pet Shop Boys)
  • 6/Oops, I Did It Again (Britney Spears)
  • 5/I'm A Loser (Beatles)
  • 4/19th Nervous Breakdown (Stones)
  • 3/You Talk Too Much (Thorogood)
  • 2/Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan)
  • 1/Dumb (Nirvana)


  1. If it's on me tomorrow I request the Stones

  2. rollins says phils in 5 505 counters with yanks in 4///now with game one in the books rollins looks a little less like an idiot and 505 is already disqualified//i said it once and ill say it again--lose 40 pounds cc and you might be able to outduel cliff//contrarily i say pedro falls on his already too ugly face tonight and makes and makes it even uglier---series tied 1-1

  3. wtf... whats wrong with a player stating what he thinks?... least he's honest.. "Maybe 6 if were nice".. I think thats a funny and realistic comment, thats all it was meant to be imo. Typical NY Fan blog make somethin outta nothin for the attention. However I give you points for the photo.

  4. Dear Anonymous.

    I'm gonna chalk up your comment to limited reading comprehension skills and/or never having played a team sport.

    The point of my comment about Rollins was that he "predicted" that the Phillies would lose "1 or 2 games". That's not the kind of guy I want sharing a locker room with me. IMO he is selling his teammates abilities short by saying something like that in a Big Series. Have the attitude that you're gonna win every game, and CAPABLE of winning every game or don't bother showing up to play with me.


    And I have no problem if you consider me "typical NY" because of that.
    I'm guessing you are from California, or some other touchy feely, let's play nice part of the universe.

    Just WIN.

  5. yeah anono 505 may be ny with all the crap that that entails but you have to admit he is better than typical

  6. What is she doing with that bottle in her mouth?